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Last update : Feb 24th 2010
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    Height : 793 m.
    GR : 3.4
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 General information
GPS coordinates : take off : 45°46'47" (45.7798)N; 9°30'35" (9.5099)E - Elevation : 1215 m.
landing : 45°45'29" (45.7582)N; 9°29'38" (9.49395)E - Elevation : 422 m.
Take off : Two slopes, one facing sw and the other one facing se.
Landing : The official landing is not very big, it is ok for paragliders but it is small for hang gliders. There are bigger fields close to the official landing.
Going there : Takeoff: Close to the old cable car station in Valcava. A five minutes walk from the village. The village can be reached by car. The local club has a shuttle service at 11.00, 13.00 and 15.00 (the last only in summertime) from the landing zone.

Landing: The location name is Perlupario, close to Caprino Bergamasco. Follow the sings to 'Risto Grill Latterraggio' which is right on the landing field.
Comments : Very good site for xc flight, this is a good spot for people willing to learn xc. You can fly 10km along the ridge befor having to make the first transition.
The landing field is not visible from the takeoff, you have to fly aroud 'Pizzo Pec' (see picture).
The first thermal is right in front of the takeoff, over the small pit 'cavetta' (see picture).
The flight is beautiful, mountains up to 2400mt (grigna), lakes, hills, flatlands, ...
Flights of hundreds of km have been performed taking off from Valcava.
Weather hazards : The site is not very good with wind from west or east. Becomes dangerous when these winds get stronger.
Flight regulation : na.
People to contact : Orobica Volo libero
Parking : Takeoff parking gps : 45.7844 N, 9.5115 E
at landing : there are signs pointing to the parking for paragliders
Landing parking gps : 45.7589 N, 9.4928 E
Website :
Tourism  : Bergamo, Lecco, Milan, lots of beautiful mountains.
Site map :
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 Clubs on Valcava
the mountain
picture by rsaccani

flying in the area
picture by rsaccani

the landing area
picture by rsaccani

the take off area
picture by rsaccani

looking towards the landing from the takeoff
picture by rsaccani

 gps logs of flights from Valcava
1 flight available
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 Videos, from youtube

Take off : 45.7798 N; 9.5099 E
Landing : 45.7582 N; 9.49395 E
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 Leonardo flights [?] - Top ten Leonardo flights at a glance (our advice for a clearer view : view the map fullscreen, without showing tasks).
takeoff : Valcava (45.7784; 9.50772), 0.23 km from this takeoff
Pilot OLC type OLC distance (km) Open distance (km) Flight duration Date View flight details on Leonardo
Armando Ferrario 99.205 36.588 5:50:48 2014-05-24 View
Armando Ferrario 62.82 36.329 4:34:51 2013-04-25 View
Armando Ferrario 67.343 49.367 3:57:20 2013-06-30 View
Giacomo Marinoni 57.815 44.852 2:22:32 2010-07-28 View
Armando Ferrario 56.21 34.428 4:1:0 2012-06-16 View
Armando Ferrario 39.702 17.9 3:20:41 2014-04-06 View
Armando Ferrario 39.283 19.516 4:35:36 2014-05-05 View
Armando Ferrario 49.967 29.362 3:13:57 2014-03-20 View
Armando Ferrario 45.887 30.523 3:3:45 2012-05-17 View
Armando Ferrario 39.141 19.145 3:58:51 2012-05-11 View
Armando Ferrario 40.976 26.105 3:0:50 2012-07-18 View
Armando Ferrario 31.692 14.682 2:11:15 2012-03-24 View
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