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Last update : May 17th 2013
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    Height : 1074 m.
    GR : 2.09
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 General information
GPS coordinates : take off : 45°49'58" (45.833)N; 9°18'7" (9.30213)E - Elevation : 1300 m.
landing : 45°49'1" (45.8171)N; 9°19'12" (9.32)E - Elevation : 226 m.
Take off : Monte Cornizzolo, easy south facing launch directly at the road where the shuttle drops you off (Risparmio), or walk 10 minutes west to the summit to a much bigger launch (Centrale) used for competitions
Landing : Landing Suello: big sized field next to the restaurant (Cielo e Terra) (N45.81750, E9.31853, 260m). It is the principal landing of this location where shuttles are available every flyable day. Very easy to land for paragliding pilot of every level. Not so easy for hangliders beginner because it is a light slope.

Landing 'Palude', in Cesana Brianza, near Pusiano Lake and in front of Centrale take off, a big field with high voltage lines crossing the east side of the landing, perfect for hang gliding.
Going there : To get Landing in Suello by car from Milan take the SS36 to Lecco, then get off at Civate, 2nd to your left is the LZ.
The shuttle leaves at the parking of restaurant Cielo e Terra in Suello. On the weekends and holidays there is a continuous service, on weekdays on three fixed times (check website below for exact times)

To get 'Palude' Landing: by car from Milan take the SS36 to Lecco, then get off at Bosisio than follow to Pusiano, you'll find it in front of Bar Sporting. During the weekends and holidays there is a continuous service. No shuttles during the weekdays.

Or by public transport, get to Lecco, Como or Erba, then take bus C40 that runs between these towns and stops directly.
Comments :

Weather hazards : Careful with strong north winds, light north winds with strong sun can provide good flying conditions but you will fly in lee.
DO NOT FLY when the windsock on the top of the Centrale Takeoff (Visible from every take off) indicates NORTH WIND DIRECTION.
Wind indication:
Flight regulation :

People to contact : - Aeroclub Mt. Cornizzolo (local school)
Contact Dario: 0039 338 9658460
Office: 031658428

Aire Cornizzolo (local paragliders dealer)

Parapendio Club Scurbatt (local club)

Cornizzolo InVolo - Paragliding Club (local) -
Parking : at takeoff : It is not possible to to to the take off with your own car. This means thay you have to leave the car in the parking close to the landing place.
Takeoff parking gps : 45.8162 N, 9.3192 E
at landing : Huge parking close to Cielo e Terra restaurant. Where is possible to wait while waiting the shuttles.
Landing parking gps : 45.8162 N, 9.3192 E
Website :
Tourism  : Lake Como, Milan....
Site map :
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Take off : 45.833 N; 9.30213 E
Landing : 45.8171 N; 9.32 E
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takeoff : Cornizzolo (45.833; 9.30213), 0 km from this takeoff
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Grey Hamilton 79.548 33.198 4:58:2 2013-07-27 View
Slawomir MatrasExternal Entry 97.96 35.782 5:16:17 2007-07-16 View
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Lino Chiarella 63.963 30.478 2:42:55 2006-07-23 View
Slawomir MatrasExternal Entry 55.654 24.566 3:58:50 2007-07-18 View
Pavel Titov 61.046 30.791 4:43:58 2016-05-22 View
Slawomir MatrasExternal Entry 60.687 29.96 3:25:11 2007-07-15 View
Lino Chiarella 59.141 30.353 4:11:21 2006-07-29 View
Antonio Golfari 53.804 26.967 3:10:17 2013-07-14 View
Bogdan Bialka 53.297 24.831 4:40:0 2015-04-12 View
Rafal Obora 44.935 22.496 4:26:6 2015-06-05 View
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