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Last update : Sep 6th 2016
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    Height : 711 m.
    GR : 4.37
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 General information
GPS coordinates : take off : 47°46'41" (47.7783)N; 7°42'6" (7.70167)E - Elevation : 1157 m.
landing : 47°47'20" (47.789)N; 7°39'47" (7.6632)E - Elevation : 446 m.
Take off :

Nord takeoff sites (NNW-NNE)on top of the mountain. The N Site is litte smaler but also feasable with a tandem. German pilots need a B-Licence to fly here because its a longer way to the landing field.
Both sites are also very good for hanggliders.
Landing :

The Landing area is near the small village Lipburg. You will need min. 5.5 to reach the landing zone.
The Landing field is near the cemetery on top of the hill beside. The filed is marked by a windsock.
Going there :

By Car - 30 KM away from Basel(CH) and Freiburg (D). You could get a lift with othe pilots . Meeting point is on the cemetery Lipburg every full and half hour.
Comments :

Weather hazards :

West wind is flyable but dangerous when starting. East winds are very dangerous.
No starts on winds over 25 km/h.
Flight regulation :

Be carefull about TMA and CTR from Basel Mulhouse (BSL). Look to the ICAO card on the Homepage.
The TMA-Basel Zone crosses the Hochblauen from south to north. Westside Hochblauen is a Zone with max hight 5500MSL (1630m). To fly higher until FL100 (3050m)you need to orientate eastside ,
Long way to the landing field - you do not see it from starting area.
People to contact : 1. Vorstand Benjamin Scheilin
Gutedelstr. 15
DE-79424 Auggen
Tel. : +49 (0)7631-7499398
Mobile DE: +49 (0) 176 / 31284384
Parking :
Website :
Tourism  :

A hotel on top of the hill (Berghotel Hochblauen)- 10 m from the starting area. Very good restaurants in the area. Nice walks in the black forest, a very nice hot spring in Badenweiler (2km from the landing area)
Camping in Badenweiler possible
Site map :
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Start am Hochblauen
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Take off : 47.7783 N; 7.70167 E
Landing : 47.789 N; 7.6632 E
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takeoff : Hochblauen (47.7729; 7.69577), 0.74 km from this takeoff
Pilot OLC type OLC distance (km) Open distance (km) Flight duration Date View flight details on Leonardo
Werner Sell 76.363 70.545 3:13:40 2006-04-30 View
Jurgen FriedrichExternal Entry 39.378 30.709 1:52:3 2008-04-29 View
Jurgen FriedrichExternal Entry 34.411 24.333 1:46:16 2008-05-04 View
Jurgen FriedrichExternal Entry 32.499 27.473 1:25:38 2008-04-27 View
Jurgen FriedrichExternal Entry 26.628 20.603 1:20:30 2008-05-02 View
Andrea Veit 24.151 20.886 1:50:58 2014-06-08 View
Jurgen FriedrichExternal Entry 20.396 14.423 1:22:45 2007-06-19 View
Jurgen FriedrichExternal Entry 18.696 14.924 0:44:37 2008-04-01 View
Jurgen FriedrichExternal Entry 16.441 13.938 0:43:49 2007-04-09 View
Jurgen FriedrichExternal Entry 12.114 6.221 0:52:30 2008-04-12 View
Moritz Rombach 10.902 4.496 0:59:5 2012-08-13 View
andy mäder 6.668 3.958 0:45:40 2012-05-01 View
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