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Last update : Jan 27th 2016
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 General information
GPS coordinates : take off : 42°18'6" (42.3019)N; 18°53'29" (18.8914)E - Elevation : 759 m.
landing : 42°16'54" (42.2818)N; 18°52'23" (18.8732)E
Take off : We have made take off better and bigger so its good for say maximum 2 pilots on take off at any one time.. landing can be very difficult during july and august and no landing agreements exist as yet during the summer season.landing area is too crowded..ok for good pilots. good for acro...very lttle advice or accurate information is available from the few local pilots, at time of writing oct 2012 we are still waiting for official conformation from ministry of civil aviation that airspace has been changed to class G.This would finally give us a legal standing to fly. No one has authority on this site, beware airspace restrictions above take off and also above the beach as you will enter a TMA at 500m. no legal agreement exists for either the take off or the landing areas on the beach.Very few local or visting pilots will be aware of exactly where or what the airspace restrictions are, some may not even have a basic qualification.
Landing : beach or car parking area...very difficult landing in july and august as there is no space

other local sites have bigger landing options throughout the year...good from early april to end of october ...sometimes later into november.
Going there : contact for maps
Comments : Maps for Thermocompass ================================================

guiding and accomadation available from
Weather hazards : occassional summer Cu NIM ACTIVITY...also strong katabatic wing called is so strong that no one would think of flying!
Flight regulation : close to Tivat international airport, local agreement with hieght restrictions in some places...ask local pilot for controlled airspace..normally 1,200 meters above sea level
People to contact :
Parking :
Website :
Tourism  : lots to do and see, food, drink, sea, rafting, mountain bikes, walking, even pedalo's
Site map :
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Take off : 42.3019 N; 18.8914 E
Landing : 42.2818 N; 18.8732 E
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 Leonardo flights [?] - Top ten Leonardo flights at a glance (our advice for a clearer view : view the map fullscreen, without showing tasks).
takeoff : Budva (42.3017; 18.8895), 0.16 km from this takeoff
Pilot OLC type OLC distance (km) Open distance (km) Flight duration Date View flight details on Leonardo
Sergey Lokk 66.292 23.616 4:15:38 2012-09-22 View
Sergey Lokk 54.281 14.635 3:2:42 2012-09-26 View
Pavel Titov 46.088 12.062 4:25:29 2012-08-18 View
Pavel Titov 41.418 12.203 3:34:24 2012-08-17 View
Andrei Mashak 27.327 14.232 2:18:2 2016-05-06 View
Andrei Mashak 31.878 12.919 2:14:5 2016-05-08 View
Pavel Titov 26.485 13.052 3:30:32 2012-08-10 View
Dusan Stevovic 30.593 28.118 1:10:1 2011-11-20 View
Andrei Mashak 25.708 9.94 1:34:3 2016-05-07 View
Pavel Titov 25.076 10.494 2:1:59 2012-08-14 View
Pavel Titov 24.6 9.758 2:30:22 2012-08-11 View
Andrei Mashak 23.272 8.727 1:36:36 2016-05-06 View
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