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Last update : Sep 15th 2016
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    Height : 501 m.
    GR : 4.87
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 General information
GPS coordinates : take off : 45°57'48" (45.9635)N; 13°43'24" (13.7236)E - Elevation : 571 m.
landing : 45°56'30" (45.9418)N; 13°43'7" (13.7188)E - Elevation : 70 m.
Take off : PG/HG - ASL: 565m (HG can use take-off ramp at ASL of 850m)

Lijak is one of the most favorite take-off places in Slovenia.
Its special location offers an extraordinary number of flying days throughout the year. There are very good weather conditions for flight also during winter time; even when in the nearby Vipava valley blows strong bora, Lijak is quite well protected. Also, in the winter time the cloud base can be higher than in summer. This geat take-off place is situated above a karstic spring of the brook Lijak, on a sharp edge of the Trnovo landscape rising over the characteristic, funnel-shaped steep slope – hence the name; Lijak is a Slovenian word for funnel.
Landing : PG / HG ASL : 65m

LZ is a flat area near Šmihel a little village at the 'foot' of Lijak flying area. At LZ is a little pizzeria called PIZZA & GRILL LIJAK where you can find all infos about flying, transport to TO, accomodation....
Going there : Check this page :

If going there by bus (from Ajdovscina or Nova Goricia) ask to get off at 'Smihel' (pronounced like 'Schmihehl'), the bus stop is right at the LZ
Comments : You can book tandem flight at LZ pizzeria Lijak !We offer (in a case of bad weather) visit to Postojna cave : with transport and visit of some famus wine cellar!

We also sell flying tickets for a local club : 1 day, 10 days and 1 season.(this money go to local club for paying rent to owners of TO and LZ !!!)

Rescue of injured pilots is free,but to support our rescue team which are ALL VOLUNTEER,please buy stickers - SUPPORTER OF SLOVENIA RESCUE TEAM - at LZ pizzeria LIJAK, this money is intended to acquire a better / newer equipment for rescue since have limited resources from our government.You never know when you need them! Of course this is a voluntary purchase, not required!

Guida italiana http://marco-zonca.blogspo...
Weather hazards : Check at local bar(pizzeria Lijak at LZ) about flying conditions !!!
Flight regulation : Max 750m/AGL; North of TO: max 2900msl; over LZ: max 300m/AGL.
AVOID flying LOW over ridge to the East during Bird nesting season.
People to contact : Igor Drozina + 00386 51 478 412
Parking :
Website :
Tourism  : water activities, tracking, walking, climbing,horse riding, cycling.....
Guida italiana http://marco-zonca.blogspo...
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LZ: ATTN to Powerlines!
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(Top-) Landing behind this village is possible...
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above TO
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 gps logs of flights from Lijak - Lijac
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Richard Fritz
 Videos, from youtube

Take off : 45.9635 N; 13.7236 E
Landing : 45.9418 N; 13.7188 E
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 Leonardo flights [?] - Top ten Leonardo flights at a glance (our advice for a clearer view : view the map fullscreen, without showing tasks).
takeoff : Lijak (45.9635; 13.7236), 0 km from this takeoff
Pilot OLC type OLC distance (km) Open distance (km) Flight duration Date View flight details on Leonardo
Till Gottbrath 250.058 228.821 1:14:21 2009-02-22 View
Pavel Titov 147.813 68.208 6:29:28 2016-04-30 View
Uros Bergant 110.483 54.513 3:53:7 2013-02-25 View
Andrej Erznoznik 124.18 115.815 5:11:39 2006-04-04 View
Miha Mlakar 123.52 40.074 6:5:28 2011-03-25 View
Pavel Titov 122.074 49.979 6:3:3 2015-03-14 View
Miha Slamic 104.452 49.537 5:8:46 2012-08-13 View
Joze Vidmar 112.866 40.533 5:13:30 2006-03-19 View
Marcin Wilczak 111.652 37.578 5:35:31 2012-08-12 View
Filip Porzucek 106.758 34.597 5:14:48 2012-08-12 View
Miha Mlakar 106.585 35.204 5:39:28 2011-07-03 View
Pavel Titov 90.159 47.223 4:1:16 2015-09-06 View
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