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Last update : Dec 25th 2012
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 General information
GPS coordinates : take off : 42°12'13" (42.2037)N; 18°59'35" (18.9932)E - Elevation : 640 m.
landing : 42°11'39" (42.1944)N; 18°57'53" (18.9649)E
Take off :

Small rocky takeoff suitable for all levels of pilots in good conditions. matts are are a good idea to protect the lines on take off. Good for flyig south towards Bar.
Landing :

if you land in the camp site by the beach permission must be obtained before you fly, beware of some electricity cables and tents!
Large field surrounded by more fields and beach...just behind camp site...or beach if its not too crowded in mid summer.
Going there :

difficult to find the track to take off..local guide is nessersary...and a old car! track is ok but not for low vehicles, or 2.2 km walk from main road
Comments : Beware airspace directly above. FL to Tivat nternational airport. Ask for exact position and hieght before flying. Most local pilots will have no idea about airspace restrictions, some may not even have a basic licence.
Weather hazards :

Beware of strong sea will not feel them on take off! look at the sea..if there are white caps to the waves, do not fly.
Flight regulation : no official permission to fly, no official permission to use take off and only local agreement with camp site for landing.

People to contact :

robin brown +382 67580664

airtopia paragliding club
Parking :
Website :
Tourism  : we offer accomadation. transport and guiding as well as ther activities.
Site map :
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Take off : 42.2037 N; 18.9932 E
Landing : 42.1944 N; 18.9649 E
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takeoff : Buljarica (42.2022; 18.9941), 0.18 km from this takeoff
Pilot OLC type OLC distance (km) Open distance (km) Flight duration Date View flight details on Leonardo
Peter Jennings 17.953 10.944 1:25:58 2009-06-11 View
Peter Jennings 16.014 5.023 2:4:42 2009-05-31 View
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