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Last update : Oct 4th 2009
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    Height : 204 m.
    GR : 7.76
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 General information
GPS coordinates : take off : 55°32'50" (55.5473)N; 2°13'40" (2.2279)W - Elevation : 404 m.
landing : 55°33'38" (55.5606)N; 2°13'8" (2.2189)W - Elevation : 200 m.
Take off : na.
Landing : na.
Going there : From the B6351 turn left into Kilham. Follow the single-track road past Longknowe Farm and Thompson Walls. Shortly after this, take the track on the left up the hill to Elsdon Shank. It is possible to park on the right just before the barn (do not block the track) preferably, turn right at the black barn past the low cottage and through double gates to park. Those with four wheel drive may take their vehicles up the track beyond the double gates, past the side of the wood and up the fell side.
Comments : Situated northwest of the Cheviot overlooking Kirk Yetholm, it is a large grass covered hill that takes two main wind directions - w.n.west & east. New in 2003 the XC potential of this site has not yet been fully realised. If flying the east side be aware that whilst it works well in an easterly, the sea breeze can pull the wind off to s.s.east.
Weather hazards : na.
Flight regulation : na.
People to contact : NHPC Club Contact:Gary Stenhouse Contact info available through club site
Parking : at takeoff : 4x4 only
Takeoff parking gps : 55.5524 N, 2.2258 W
Landing parking gps : 55.5571 N, 2.2197 W
Website :
Tourism  : na.
Site map :
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Take off : 55.5473 N; 2.2279 W
Landing : 55.5606 N; 2.2189 W
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takeoff : moneylaws (55.6093; -2.20023), 7.1 km from this takeoff
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gary stenhouse 31.202 29.082 1:40:1 2016-04-24 View
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