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Last update : Jul 17th 2010
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 General information
GPS coordinates : take off : 51°53'17" (51.8883)N; 3°34'53" (3.5814)W - Elevation : 550 m.
landing : 51°53'21" (51.8894)N; 3°34'54" (3.5819)W - Elevation : 550 m.
Take off : Take-off and Landing
There is plenty of room for taking off at either end of the quarry but the slope at the south end is of a gentler gradient and therefore easier to manage in strong conditions.
Landing : Top landing in front of the wall is quite tricky for hangliders but it is okay to land behind the wall if necessary(except behind the quarry where turbulence may be encountered).
Hanglider pilots may bottom land on the flat area next to the track on the north side of the road.
Going there : From M4 J45, drive all the way up the Swansea valley on the A4067 passing the Dan Yr Ogof Showcaves and up over the mountain pass. As you pass the Cray Reservoir on your left , you will see a right-turning signposted to Heol Senni. Turn here and continue for just over 2km and turn right up a stony track just after the cattle grid. Park in a space clear of the track and walk up the hill. Hanglider pilots are recommended to drive as far along the track as possible as the carry-up is easier from the south end of the hill.
Comments : An excellent site for thermalling and crosscountry flying over friendly terrain.
The ridge itself is fairly short and can get a bit crowded in light soaring conditions.
Weather hazards : In strong conditions, beware the dry stone wall and barbed wire fence behind take-off. A few gilders have been damaged here over the years.
The bottom landing area below the hill slopes away deceptively.
Low flying military aircraft frequent the area during the week – Use the freephone service!
Flight regulation : This is a fairly sensitive site. Share vehicles wherever possible. Do not disturb livestock. Peregrine falcons are known to nest in the quarry and must be given space during the spring breeding season.
People to contact : South West Wales Soaring Club
Parking :
Website :
Tourism  : na.
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Take off : 51.8883 N; 3.5814 W
Landing : 51.8894 N; 3.5819 W
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takeoff : Heol Senny (51.8913; -3.58215), 0.34 km from this takeoff
Pilot OLC type OLC distance (km) Open distance (km) Flight duration Date View flight details on Leonardo
David Birch 45.476 43.013 1:34:33 2015-04-05 View
Peter Lake 16.491 7.549 1:17:45 2015-04-23 View
Peter Lake 13.648 6.619 1:3:17 2016-05-14 View
john walker 11.418 4.965 1:3:19 2016-06-03 View
Peter Lake 10.675 5.187 0:46:43 2016-05-14 View
Peter Lake 11.713 7.948 1:28:41 2015-04-26 View
Steve Bain 10.719 8.397 1:19:40 2015-04-26 View
rhun llwyd 4.321 1.307 1:22:38 2009-09-09 View
rhun llwyd 1.262 0.447 0:23:59 2009-09-12 View
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