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Last update : Sep 11th 2008
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 General information
GPS coordinates : take off : 44°40'29" (44.6748)N; 124°4'1" (124.067)W - Elevation : 103 m.
landing : 44°40'9" (44.6694)N; 124°3'46" (124.063)W
Take off : A rocky promontory with a lighthouse forms the outer part of the headland. Launches are possible to the north and south along the ridge to the east of the lighthouse, or to the south after a short hike to the top of the headland. Beware of strong shear layers which can produce light winds on the surface with blow-back conditions only a few dozen feet above. If the weather station wind sensors are spinning madly, don't assume the light winds you feel are real!
Landing : A grassy area across from the visitor center works well in south conditions, or you can fly slightly to the east and land on the beach. The grass can develop rotor, so land up-slope out of the hole. The beach is open and fairly wide.
Going there : West on Highway 20 from Corvallis (10 miles west of Interstate 5, exit 228) to Newport. North on Highway 101 to Yaquina Head Scenic Area. Pay the daily use fee ($5) or buy a season pass. Park at the turnout by the yellow gate.
Comments : Can be good, but can be too strong very easily. Hang gliders may have difficulty launching from the summit because of brush/tree growth, which is hopefully to be corrected. Nice coastal soaring if the wind speed is right. May get quite strong on summer afternoons.
Weather hazards : Coastal winds may change abruptly, and laminar shear layers can produce surprisingly high backwards-flying-velocities. Low clouds and fog may obscure visibility, and a nearby non-towered airport with ILS approach makes operation unwise with ceiling below 1000 feet. Check current NOTAMS before flying, and contact local club for information.
Flight regulation : Read the directions on the sign by the yellow gate about approved flight areas. Flight out near the lighthouse is not allowed due to nesting seabirds. Flight to the beach is allowed only when departing for landing, no out-and-back to the beach.
People to contact : Mark G. Forbes
Parking :
Website : not available
Tourism  : Mo's Restaurant, much beach-ish sightseeing, waterfront attractions, OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center and museum.
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Take off : 44.6748 N; 124.067 W
Landing : 44.6694 N; 124.063 W
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takeoff : Yaquina Head (44.6745; -124.068), 0.09 km from this takeoff
Pilot OLC type OLC distance (km) Open distance (km) Flight duration Date View flight details on Leonardo
Steve Forslund 6.618 2.78 0:46:13 2010-04-24 View
Ryan Kern 2.222 0.701 1:26:12 2013-05-17 View
Colin McKenney 1.718 0.589 1:42:3 2013-05-17 View
Colin McKenney 1.468 0.707 0:11:32 2013-05-16 View
Colin McKenney 1.456 0.771 0:23:51 2013-05-15 View
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