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Last update : Sep 26th 2011
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 General information
GPS coordinates : take off : 0°54'39" (0.911)S; 36°32'45" (36.546)E - Elevation : 2615 m.
Take off :

Grassy, steap and can take off in all direction apart from north-east.
Landing :

Huge fields to choose from. As close to the road as possible if usually prefered.
Going there :

From Nairobi, take the A104 (the highway following the escarpment) until you come to the following settlement: S0 52 46.1 E36 33 46.8 This dirt road is in excellent condition and will lead you down the escarpment to the settlement of Kijabe. Continue until you come to an intersection with another dirt road that obviously leads to the top of the mountain. Park where the road comes to an end. During the dry season, it will be easy to reach Kijabe in a two-wheel vehicle, but (from experience) during the rainy season, I strongly recommend a 4X4. Finally, when turning your car around at the top, be very careful. A few years back some Japanese visitors didn't pay enough attention and rolled their car all the way to the bottom!
Comments :
Good XC site
Weather hazards :
Thunderstorms with all their inherent dangers can develop incredibly quickly in this part of the world. Be very conscious of possible over-development!
Flight regulation :

Just get up there and fly. Try not to land in crops.
People to contact :
Steven, a local Kukuyu, who lives meters from launch, is an excellent man. He has a lot of experience assisting pilots (he has even accompanied tours to the Kerio Valley). He speaks excellent English and has a driver's license. I have used him for retrieve. In September, 2011 the custom was to pay him 500 KHS each time he drives to the bottom of the mountain and back. Of course, if he drives further, you would give him more. Call him from Nairobi and ask him for the wind and cloud conditions. I have flown a lot in Africa, and I strongly recommend this man. His cell phone number is: +254 (0)717898986 Tell him Greg sent you. As a final note, after flying to Nakuru from Kijabe, I took a Matatu (local mini-bus) back to Naivasha where Steven met me with the car. The Matatu was fun and cheep (400 KHS), and safe. If you need any further information, you may contact me at
Parking :
Website : not available
Tourism  :

Mount Longonot and its National game park.
Site map :
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Take off : 0.911 S; 36.546 E
Landing : not available
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