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Last update : Dec 22nd 2015
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 General information
GPS coordinates : take off : 16°53'53" (16.8981)N; 101°6'32" (101.109)E - Elevation : 1582 m.
Take off :
Warning: As of 2015, the launch has been mostly taken over by a major expansion of a small tourist resort. Launch is becoming too small and unsafe due to many obstacles, buildings of various sizes and various post and fences completely in the way. They ruined it. There is still a small field which can be used adjacent to the diminishing launch (now a dusty parking lot) but may require a full on forward launch for proper take off. I heard they plan to build on the field too (bummer!). This is a very nice site which is disappearing due to poor communication and lack of judgement between the landowners, local pilots, local governments and especially the Thai paragliding officials. A very sad turn of event for paragliding in Thailand!
Launch can be tricky. Many serious accidents so far so not a beginner site! This launch is not forgiving so you better be prepared, talk to the local pilots first.
Landing :
Quite far from the take off. But there are options to land close to the road going up although they are not so perfect. There is a risk of not making it there since the sinks can be quite big and drastic at time. Many places to bail out if you know what you are doing. You should be able to make it to the 'gas station' (landing area) most of the time.

Going there :
Follow the road on google map. VERY Easy to hitchhike up the mountain. Paved road to the top!
Comments :
Weather hazards :
Potential storm cells forming over the launch at times so be careful and watch for these budding electric storms! Can be tricky down in the valley when the dust devils gets going but this does not seem to happen very often.
Flight regulation :

Airport located North of the town of Petchabun (25km south from launch). No idea what are the regulations regarding that. Thermals are more than likely to the west of it near the ridge so that seem far enough away from the airport. No complaints so far...

People to contact :

Parking :
Website :
Tourism  :
Beautiful area to visit!
The launch is a very popular area for Thai tourists but I assure you there is nothing there but spending money. It's rather cold at night and very expensive!!! Avoid the place From Friday Night to Sunday Morning, and all Thai holidays!!! It's a zoo up there during that time. The rest of the time, there is hardly anyone!

Site map :
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Take off : 16.8981 N; 101.109 E
Landing : not available
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takeoff : Phu Thap Boek (16.8981; 101.109), 0 km from this takeoff
Pilot OLC type OLC distance (km) Open distance (km) Flight duration Date View flight details on Leonardo
Mitsuharu Koga 94.778 89.889 5:15:11 2012-04-01 View
Pornchai Lertwatechakul 86.328 69.223 4:3:18 2014-12-27 View
Herman Chiu 81.392 75.486 3:39:53 2016-11-26 View
sarayut chinpongsatorn 65.907 52.74 3:30:51 2010-11-22 View
Karinka Sh 63.053 58.878 2:45:30 2015-11-23 View
Somnuek Mathong 60.055 53.465 3:17:10 2015-11-29 View
Pornchai Lertwatechakul 56.554 46.53 3:39:46 2015-11-27 View
chakrit babphan 54.543 49.807 1:45:12 2011-12-24 View
kampol samngamnim 54.539 49.805 1:45:22 2011-12-24 View
chakrit babphan 53.925 48.882 2:28:42 2011-12-06 View
khet ko 50.636 46.654 2:6:5 2011-12-24 View
chakrit babphan 35.555 16.3 2:34:53 2010-11-27 View
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