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Website philosophy

welcome to ParaglidingEarth, free flyer fellows of all countries !

This site is a kind of 'worldwide cooperative platform' (fashion, isn't it) for sharing free flight flying sites informations all around this blue rock we live on.

Original idea is inspired from Wikipedia : if many people agree to bring each one a small piece of help, then everyone will be helped in a great way !

So ParaglidingEarth was born so you can enjoy the pleasure, of coming back from a pleasant trip abroad, and sharing with everyone all the wonderful places you discovered and flew over in the wild wide world.

As well as flying sites, you can find, add and edit information about pros or pg clubs worldwide.

As this site works along with some other internet pg resources, some of the sites since are imported from different places of the web, so it is now up to you to fill the holes, and bring the information you know about the sites you flew on.
Once registered, you are free to create new sites page or add any information about any site already existing.
Your contributions will make the information here more usefull, so feel free to share your knowledge !!!

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Visiting ParaglidingEarth HOW TO

This site has been created to help you find information about flying sites while preparing a trip abroad. The information you will find in ParaglidingEarth DO NOT hold their author or the webmasters responsible, it is your responsility to check before flying if it is allowed and to form your own opinion about the sites described in this website. All you will find here are the thoughts of other pilots at a given moment, always remember that legislation evolve, and keep comparing your information with what you can see and learn on the terrain.

The sites are classified by country and if their authors did, in regional areas.

   - The "country" page
If some sites of the country have been classified in smaller areas, you will see under the country name the areas that exist within the country, all the sites for wich no area have not been specified by their author are in the 'not specified' category (smart, huh?)

You can also see on this page an overview of all the sites in the country, via the 'all the sites' tab

This page may also contain general informations applying to the whole country. They are divided in four topics :
      - General weather description : when to go fly, what conditions you are most likely to expect, etc.,
      - Free flight organisation : country laws for free flight, insurances, etc.,
      - Internet links : links to interesting websites about free flying sites in the selected country,
      - Miscellaneous : everything that couldn't find its place in the three topics above.

   - The "area" page
For a more precise geographical description of the sites locations, it is possible to specify an 'area' the site would belong to.
From this page you can access all the sites of the area, as well as the pros and the clubs in the area.

   - The "site" page
The heart of the web site : this page gives you all the information we have for each site. It will, hopefuly, be more and more complete as people will add informations for the sites they know, whether or not they already are in the database.
On this page you can give your opinion on the 'interest' of each site, to help foreign people choose between going fly on this site rather than on that other one not far away. The idea is to help compare differents sites of the same area, not to establish an universal ranking of the sites.
From here, and if the site has gps coordinates and orientation known, you can also 'fly' from the site, using 'pgSim', our PG online simulator.

   - The "pro", and "club" pages
Let people know you exist as a pg professionnal business, or as an association : you can give your contact information, and describe your activities.
Cherry on the cake : you can choose from PgE sites database the flying sites you use or work on. You will automaticaly appear on every corresponding site pages, could you ask for more ???

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While visitors can enjoy browsing around and getting information about every sites of the database, registered users have the opportunity to add the sites they know to the database, give general informations about countries, fill the holes left in the existing flying sites, basically, help this site getting more and more complete and useful to every nomad paragliders.

Nothing else than displaying them on your profile on this site, is done with the information collected during the registration. You can choose to give or not your email, wich could be used for instance by other people to contact you for further informations on a destination you seem to know well.

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Hints for adding a new site

There are four steps available while entering a new site in the database :
   - the textual informations,
   - the wind directions suitable for flying on the site,
   - the gps coordinates for takeoff and landing,
   - pictures of the site.
Only two things are absolutely required : a country must be selected, and a name must be attributed to the site. The other fields can be left blank, beeing established that any blank field can be filled by any other member who wishes to add some information.

- Text informations :
Divided in several topics, this information will be the essential part of your description : try to be clear and precise since other people will rely on that to go fly.

- GPS coordinates :
This one is an important feature when you enter a new site :
   - it allows visitors to have a quick and convenient overview of the sites location in the country, and is used by ParaglidingEarth for many visual functions : showing sites on maps, in GoogleEarth (wich we higly recommend!!). It becomes much easier for the visitor to locate the sites he could be interested in, regarding his planned trip organisation.
   - once on the real playground, gps coordinates make it very easy to locate the right place for takeoffs and landings.
   - plus, it makes it possible to fly the pg sim :)
When entering the gps coordinates for your new site, spend a few seconds checking on the 'idiot-proof' map provided that the coordinates look as good as possible. We hope this would help prevent the typing errors or wrong coordinates format errors.

- Pictures :
You can upload pictures for each site on paraglidingEarth. While uploading these pictures, please don't be too 'greedy' trying to upload severals big files at one time : we recommand you upload files few by few, and limitate your original pictures size to 200 / 300 Ko maximum. Too heavy requests may lead the server to crash and send you back an error page. So be patient and humble, life will pay you back with joy, health, and wealth for that (maybe).

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A small word to professionals

We think that such a website can only keep his credibility (and meet his public and objectives) if it respects its original idea : to be a place where people share freely information and knowledge, not to offer every school an obstrusive advertising place.

If you are a professional who runs a school or offers paying services to organize trips, but agree with the above idea and want to play by the rules, you are of course welcomed to bring your help to fill the database.

What you can do :
   - describe flying sites as any pilot would do
   - mention the existence of your business using the 'pro' pages, and linking back to the flying sites you use

What you CAN'T do :
   - open a new page which goal is only to promote your business and does not describe a site
   - give uncomplete information on sites so that people who would wish to come and fly would have to turn to your services
   - promote your business throught this website in a exagerated way (administrators subjectivity will be the rule)
   - ...and any kind of things that could be invented to take advantage from the system without agreeing fairly to the principle

If we judge that you passed the limits, we will send a warning via email (if available). If the page didn't change after that or no email is given, the undesired contents will be deleted from the database.
We do that so the website spirit is not fooled, by respect to the visitors.

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You found strange things in the English spoken here? So did we : Help wanted!!!

help wanted for many things :
   - suggestions about the site organisation and features
   - but most importantly, if a real English speaking good soul would be kind enough to propose a proper English translation of all of this, I will take all the help I can get !!!

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Mail to the team : info (at) paraglidingearth (dot) com